Dieting by Mark Mincolla, PhD.


 Mark Mincolla’s 5 Dieting Tips

5 tips for avoiding dietary excesses that lead to weight gain. 

 1. Tip: Do not miss breakfast! U. Mass. researchers recently analyzed the eating habits of 500 subjects

and found that by missing breakfast their risks of obesity increased by 450%! A breakfast of 

40% protein- 30% carbs- 30% fat is recommended.




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with added flax oil.

2.  Tip 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night! Montefiore Medical Center sleep

 expert Dr. Michael Thorpy tells us that less sleep interferes with the body’s carbohydrate metabolism.

His research shows that insufficient sleep tends to spike the blood sugar putting the body into a fat storage cycle.

3. Tip: Take 1/4 cup of nuts and seeds for your mid AM and mid PM snacks every day! Purdue Univ. researchers discovered that this snack will satisfy the appetite for up to 90 minutes longer than any other dietary option.

4. Tip: Take 200 mcgs. of chromium picolinate three times daily after meals!
According to recent studies performed at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center the mineral chromium can balance blood sugar levels as effectively as prescription medication without side effects. This will stave off appetite, especially for sweets and high starch carbs.

5. Tip: Take 1 cup of cooked fruit after dinner each night! Fill a pyrex with frozen berries, unsweetened canned peaches and pears. Add cinnamon, and oatmeal flakes. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes. Over the past 25 years my patients have reported that this pie filling like dessert satisfies their sweet tooth in a most healthy way!

                         Nutrition, Beauty and Vitality

Aging is the result of free radical build up. A free radical is a type of  “vampire” molecule that barges in on a healthy cell, and robs it of a vital electron. Once robbed, the healthy cell then becomes drastically altrered. All of the cell’s protein, fat and DNA are then disrupted to the point of mutation. Premature aging and disease are the result of excess free radical build up. Altered DNA creates a faulty blueprint for collagen and elastin fibers. They become thick, hard and bound together. This “cross linking” causes sagging, wrinkling aging skin and vital tissues. Seventeen percent of our total oxygen intake converts to free radicals, translating to 30,000 DNA hits every day!

Antioxidants protect us against premature cellular aging by mediating between healthy cells and free radicals. They intercede before the healthy cell is robbed and offer to donate one of their many reserve electrons to satisfy the needs of the free radicals, preserving the healthy cell’s integrity, and slowing down the aging process.

Key Antioxidant Nutritional Support:

All herbal spices, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables are very high in antioxidants. On June 9th 2006 the USDA published their results of what is the largest study to date of the best food sources of antioxidants. Here is their list of the top 20 antioxidant rich foods:

  1. Red bean ½ cup 13,727
  2. Wild blueberry 1 cup 13,427
  3. Kidney bean ½ cup 13,259
  4. Pinto bean ½ cup 11,864
  5. Blueberry (cultivated) 1 cup 9,019
  6. Cranberry 1 cup 8,983
  7. Artichoke hearts 1 cup 7,904
  8. Blackberry 1 cup 7,701
  9. Prune ½ cup 7,291
  10. Raspberry 1 cup 6,058
  11. Strawberry 1 cup 5,938
  12. Red delicious apple (1) 5,900
  13. Granny Smith (1) 5,381
  14. Pecan 1 oz. 5,091
  15. Sweet cherry 1 cup 4,873
  16. Black plum (1) 4,844
  17. Russet potato (1) 4,649
  18. Black bean ½ cup 4,181
  19. Plum (1) 4,118                                                                                                                                                   
  20. Gala apple (1) 3,903

* The above scores reflect ORAC Factor (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)

Key Antioxidant Food Supplement Support:

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A (beta carotene) 10,000 units
B complex 50 mgs.
C 3,000 mgs
E (gamma) 800 units

Copper (chelate) 2 mgs.
Selenium (chelate) 200 mgs.
Zinc (gluconate) 50 mgs.

Amino Acids:
Alpha Lipoc Acid 50 mgs.
L-Carnosine 500 mgs.
L-Cysteine 500 mgs.
L-Glutathione 500 mgs.
Methionine 500 mgs.
N-Acetyl Cysteine 500 mgs.
L-Taurine 500 mgs.

Co-Enzymes and Hormones:
Co Q 10 (ubiquinone) 90 mgs.
Melatonin 3 mgs.

Top 10 Herb and Spice Antioxidants (with ORAC scores):
Clove 314,446
Cinnamon 267,536
Oregano 200,129
Tumeric 159,277
Cumin 76,800
Parsley 74,349
Basil 67,553
Sage 32,004
Mustard Seed 29,257
Ginger 28,811

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 On Attaining Success

According to researcher Paul Scheele, people only follow through on 30% of their intentions.  He believes that the three most common problems that keep people from attaining success are: 1. Bad Habits 2. Priorities and 3. Values.  Each problem is a common “mind trap”. That is, the mind’s energy gets locked in a subconscious vacuum of reinforced old beliefs, repeating old patterns, and behaviors.

The thin veil between success and failure is a matter of mind over matter.  The human mind has three domains: 1. Subconscious, which resists positive change. 2. Conscious, which inspires positive change, and 3. Superconscious which creates positive change.  All parts are natural and necessary for success and personal evolution.  The key is to integrate and balance all three parts, to create “whole or, paraconscious mind”. 

The subconscious mind is made of emotions and memories which bring tension to the prospect of positive change.  When one becomes aware of the potential sacredness of such tension, positive change is almost immediately initiated.  Such tension is designed to heighten awareness through a discomfort that inspires refuge into the conscious mind.  The conscious mind engages the first positive manifestation of heightened awareness.  Here is where the prospect greater possibility is born.  The superconscious represents the unlimited manifest mind where awareness moves the possibility into probability from energy to matter, fueled by the power of belief.

Regardless of whether or not the success vision has taken aim at greater material wealth, better health, beating disease, or whole-istic personal excellence, the cultivation of an integrated while mind remains the key.  Feel the subconscious tension, and allow it to be the catalyst for conscious and superconscious integration.  Allow the emotional stress to inspire a heightened level of self listening.  Audit and edit your inner talk.  Begin to adopt a new policy of “positive mind language only”.  Continue to cultivate positivity through the sacred tension potential of your past inner suffering.  The greatest life changing phrase of power that one can invoke is: “Yes I can, yes I will!”  Repeat it in your mind talk constantly.  In time you will be made new.  Always remember, you have instant access to powers far greater than any you have ever wished for!


Article written by Mark Mincolla,

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