Get Fit Fast with this Basic Boxing Workout for Women

Many women who lose weight fast with me stick to a lean diet, run 3-5 days a week and train with me at least 2 days/week.  A majority of their workout consist of boxing.  No, not like 98% of the fitness trainers who just stick out their mitts and say I’m a boxing trainer.  They actually learn real boxing with real technique.

Unless your trainer actually steps in the ring and sparrs with proboxers than I’ll guarantee they really don’t know real boxing.  I say all of this because to get the full affect of a boxing workout you have to use your whole body when punching.  A punch starts from your feet to your hips and up to the final delivery.  One punch actually utilizes your legs, core, back, shoulders and arms.  So, the key to getting in shape with boxing is to learn and practice real technique.

Learning the correct boxing technique will burn 100x more calories plus you’ll enjoy boxing workouts so much more everyday.

No you don’t have to get in the ring to reap the benefits but you should learn the correct form.  This also keeps  you safe from injury: wrist, elbows, shoulder and hands.  Always wrap your wrist and hands with hand wraps.  Try to get a bag thats soft.  A heavy bag that’s 50-80 lbs is fine. Below is Amanda who is a National Amateur Champion who has promise to be a national contender on the pro circuit in the future.  I had her perform some  technique on a heavy bag that you can use yourself.


A basic boxing workout will look like this for those who are just starting:

  • Jog 2 mile warm up
  • 3-3 minute jump rope
  • 3-3 minutes of shadow boxing
  • 5-2 minutes of heavy bag combinations:

( jab/ double jab/ double jab-cross/double jab-cross-left hook-cross/Right hook-Left hook 2x)

  • 10-1 minute ab circuit (sit ups/bicycle/plank/crunches with feet up in air and crossed-knees out wide/foot reaches)
  • 3 minutes of 5 reps continuous of the following exercises in this order.  When you get to mountain climbers reverse direction:

birpies with jump/ mountain climbers (5 each leg)/ push ups/mountain climbers (5 each leg)

  • 5 x 25 yard sprints
  • 5- 30 seconds of band curls (step one foot on middle of blue band and curl as fast as you can for 30 seconds

The end :) Try this workout.  Comment below on what you think.

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